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Armed & Loaded is a Virtual Reality Arcade Shooter. Explore & Survive from Horde of Robots!. You're inside a simulation of a simulation with task to invade outisde of Robot Factory before the real event. Player only has 3 HP each round.

  • Practice Simulation
  • The Factory

Key Features

  • Carry up to 6 weapons at the same time: 2 weapons on back, 2 weapons on holster, and 2 weapons at your hands
  • Carry up to 4 Grenade at the same time: 2 Grenades on infront pouch and 2 Grenades at your hands
  • 5 Type of weapons and 2 heavy weapons.
  • Weapon reload motion on holster or back
  • Over 3 weapon attachments
  • Destructible Robot

☠ Highly inspired by Arcade Rail Shooters such as Terminator ☠

☠ Game will always be FREE


  • HTC Vive VR
  • Computer Specs that met HTC Vive minimum specs

Disclaimer: Armed & Loaded is a School Project just like our other game Attack on Toys. But we don't have any intention to update the game so this game might not get any update in the future.


Armed & Loaded 172 MB
Dec 04, 2018
Armed & Loaded 175 MB
Dec 04, 2018

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