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tried to play on Linux. No executable file at all. I don't know what might be a problem, because i never dealt with Unity games builds on Linux. My distro is Arch.

Anyway, i would play this game on my second PC with windows, because game looks great!

add a split screen and i will give it 5 stars, please i beg you

Not my thing,
a little too complicated although the whole
thing seems to be rather complete

ta bien👍👍

cuel descargo 

el de 2 gb

o el de723mg

solo duda

el de 723 es el juego base, el de 2 gb es un modo aparte para moders creo

If you make it on Android I will support you and rate it 5 star pls I want it




THIS WHAT MY SOLDIERS ESSENTIALLY DID!!!! Minus horrible zombie outbreaks but that's a different thing! 5 stars easily! :)


How long usually is the delay between the version's update and the Steam version? I remember reading that the version is still being updated, although delayed. Usually, how long is this period? Thanks :)

Hello there! it has been updated recently :D

Enjoy the game :)

Thank you so much for applying the major update :D :D :D


As a person who grew up with army men(Both the games and the toys) I salute you for this masterpiece.


Thank you so much i'm happy that you enjoy the game! 

& Salute Back! :As Green Toy Soldier Army:



i'm really sorry for your experience :'(

hopefully the AI will get improved & thank you so much for the feedback!

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mac version does not work :(

macos say its damaged or incomplete


I have the same problem


did this get fixed

Sorry but the Mac version is still un-tested state

i highly recommend to play Window Version as for now

i'm really sorry :'(... the Mac is sbuilt from Unity Engine directly.

But i'm unable to test it, so the Mac version as right now is still un-tested state

i highly recommend to play Windows version

you're saying this like all mac users can get a windows machine and play it



this is what i saw in my head when i played with plastic soldiers years ago

nice ;)


i like is

thank you!!!


If you could post what port needs to be forwarded for multiplayer that would be a great addition to this page. It would be a great help for those of us who would prefer to do it that way over hamachi.

even if you had the right port to forward, there's no way to connect via public ip in the game. it only shows games running on your local network. that's something the developer will have to decide to add

Thanks for the help. Shame there isn't a way of doing that. Hamachi is very unreliable for me on linux.


how do you launch on windows

extract and play attack on toys icon :)

It doesnt seem to be working on mac :/ can you tell me what i need to do to fix it? i get stuck on the loading screen when i pick a mission :/

did u solve this


Dear god I just had an idea that is probably going to be painful, VR support, You've worked with a vr gun game before so it shouldn't be too hard, but it probably won't translate well in this game.


Is the Itch.IO version still going to be up to date like the steam version? I remember that was said on this page.


yes :)

Awesome. Glad to see a developer that cares. Keep up the good work. :)


Please make this like counter 1.6 & half life 1, battlefiled 1947.


all those marc accounts were my old accounts 

oke :)

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I am totally in love with this game. A massive blast from the past. 

Just a couple things I hoped to mention/suggest

1)Would it be possible or are there plans for more levels, or being able to play the conquest house map for example but in skirmish without editing in toybox?


3) will there ever be support for online multiplayer? Even if just with standard none custom maps

Again thank you sir, I am super glad someone made a game like this. It's awesome and even with some rough edges it scratches that childhood itch for me.

Noted that and thanks you so much for the feedbachs and also suggestions! :)

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Hey. Can I ask you about something. I know this is strange, but if the Green represent American, Tan the Germany, etc, what does Purple and Black represent ? I'm really want to know the real life equivalent of those two. 

(I know the Blue are supposedly to be French, Grey either they are Vietnam or something, the Orange judge by design looks like Turkey, the Reds are obviously Soviet Union. It just that, What does Purple and Black Supposedly represent ? Reply pls)


green - USA

blue - Finland

orange - Turkey 

purple - France - French flag under monarchy

black( one with eagle) - Nazi Germany eagle

red - Vietnam -  north, and south flags combined 

Don't know tan or gray, sorry.

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tan is also Germany on army men 2 you can see major mylar's squad using german mp40s at the intro and gray is japan but with sun parts and dark 


psst what are the jeeps and trucks the carries troops like the apc by the way is the apc in if not then add it oh and back to the thing what are the trucks and jeeps based on? reply pls


Hey. Can I ask you about something. When I see the name of this unit it says SGK1-Tank. Was this based on a real vehicle or was it just a fictional artillery ? I can't seem find the real life equivalent of this partucular vehicle

it's based from German Tank ;)


Do you mean the Rheinmetall Skorpion


 a fictional artillery ???

Deleted 1 year ago

you could download the game here for free or donate $1+.

it's the same game from steam version, so i'm not sure why you need to pirate Attack on Toys xD

(The game doesn't has anti piracy either, maybe STEAM DRM count as one?)


Man admitted to pirating a free game? xD




I am kind of impressed by the game, but it is crippled by a few yet strong flaws in my opinion :

- the guns are underpowered or enemies are too tough, which makes shooting them tedious and not funny

- In the zombie maps, the fact that every dead soldier is turned into a zombie can escalate quickly into your base being overrun. Only zombie kills should turn into zombies.

- the spiders shooting from afar tend to gather in the same place, destroying absolutely everything in range, and even a rain of mortar shells and rockets won't dispatch them quickly. They are ruining the experience for me.


Thank you so much for all these feedbacks! and thank you so much!


I remember back in the days on early development(1 or/ 2year?ago) im playing this with my old potats pc and still playable with high fps, 

now i have my pc upgraded,  and i see so many updates and changes but well said i can't even play, it always crashed

Yes, there is alot of features and graphics update implemented in the new version (Remaster/Remake)

You might need to change graphics quality and other features to lower quality to avoid crash in lower end pc. (Because the default setting is Ultra Quality)


oh right, one more thing
im playing with my controller, there is "visible"cursor and "invisble" cursor when first deploy and buying thing, invisible is the work one but this visible and invisible goes opposite direction, uhhh... you got what i mean??  

also the cart icon when buying thing is too small, its kinda hard to buy using controller

Deleted post

noted that, and thank you so much for the feedback!


how do i turn to firstperson


aim in on sights, then click middle mouse button(scroll wheel)

yes, that's correct & thank you!


How do I start a game

double click Attack on Toys.exe :)


Ahoy, I love the concept but I can't even have 5fps in very low graphics. It's so sad to not being able to test a RTS. Maybe I'm too used to the very light weight Warcraft 3.

Or it's just my absent GTX 750Ti which makes it harder to deal with. If I had coin you would have coin.


Sorry for your experience, yes i think it need higher graphic card

Also try turn off all quality like physic, shadow, etc.

and try to play on smaller map like Toy-Box bedroom.

it should increase some fps or atleast at playable state


Can you guys upload your games to the oculus store plz. or make an apk version so you can install it on oculus quest 2?

thx btw for the amazing games :) Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you! but Attack on Toys is not a VR game :)

I was talking about Armed and Loaded I posted it in the wrong comment section. Srry for the confusion


Curious, what's in the steam version? it must be newer with additional content right?

yes it has way more content in the Steam version made by community :)


this is the best green army men game on the market it sould be on steam

Well i have good news! the game is Available on STEAM :D


can you also make a new unit called commando it has a beret so add the beret too and the commando and the commando's weapon is m16a1(already in the game) can you also add this new unit  on the game

noted that, and thank you for the suggestion / feedback!


Psst could you give me a Leak just one small leak

well, you could join the Discord for that ;)


is it possible to get an older version?

Sadly, the only available right now is this version


and i’v seen this game on baronvongamez good job with the d-day beach!

Awesome and thank you so much! also the d-day is made from Toy-Box Creator thru Steam Workshop:


I would love if you made a WW2 and 1 maps and maybe make German and all other ww1 -N- 2 tanks, boats, etr but this is my only computer but from the looks of it’s a great game!

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