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how do i start up the game

extract the game and start attack on toys icon :)

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The game was really good and i loved it,It was really really fun! But please let us configure sensivity in settings!

Thank you :) and also thank you for the feedback

Mouse sensitivity will probably added later ;)


I just want to say I absolutely love this game. My favorite games are tower defense type games and this is the best one I've ever played. I hope in the future their will be some story mode to it. The only complaint I have so far is the camera control when in map mode. I would like to be able to rotate the camera and zoom in and out rather than just up and down. Regardless, thank you guys for making this game! I will probably end up putting too much time into it :)


Awesome! i'm really happy you love the game :3

also thank you for the feedbacks too!


Hey, me and my friend wanted to play tan invasion using a vpn because we weren't on LAN. We used Hamachi, and we followed all the steps for it and when we clicked the multiplayer Lan option and searched for games, we even found the game. Next, when I clicked on my friend's lobby to join it, it said I was even connecting. But, I waited for a while and it still wouldn't connect. Thanks. Any help is apprectiated

sometime firewall may block the connection, try to configure your firewall setting

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This is SUCH a fun game and cool concept! I grew up playing the game Army Men and even playing with actual green plastic army in my front yard, so this hits all the right notes for me. I futzed around with it in the beginning trying to figure things out, but I had a lot of fun when I got the hang of things! I will definitely be making more videos about this game and really look forward to the future of its development! Bravo on making a fantastic game, would highly recommend everyone giving it a shot! 


Awesome! also i'm glad you happy with the game and bring your childhood memories of playing plastic army men toys

Thank you so much for sharing your gameplay too :)


Hi N7T! It is said: "Feel free to make any content for Attack on Toys " , how do I do this? I want to make maps for it. I'm using the Linux version.

Currently, on version 2.12 Linux, there are a few issues:

1. The mouse movement stops, it is not 360 degrees. The panning stops as if there is a virtual 2D screen, a very large screen though, and the mouse reaches the edges of this screen. You may want to check this and make it a really 3D (360 degree) movement.

Related: shooting makes the mouse pointer move a little (I assume it is the recoil). The mouse pointer will reach the edges of that 2D big screen and it will no longer be able to point to the target. It will need to be reset by moving the mouse in the opposite direction for as much as possible and then back again to point at the target.

2. Performance - if the number of units goes above a certain threshold, the performance dips. I've traced it to CPU. I have two similar machines, one with an old Intel i4330 (4cores @ 3GHz) and one with a newer Ryzen 1600AF (6cores @ 3.4 to 3.7GHz). The newer system has better performance, although it eventually succumbs to the same issue. It is possible to use a profiling tool to determine where this CPU performance bottleneck comes from, if a debug build is available.

3. It is possible to fall under the map, especially when exiting rolled over vehicles. The kitchen has a nice chair under it :)

4. Not sure if this is really a bug or not. The bugs on the castle terror map are making zombies from kills. Is this intended? I assume that only zombies make zombies. When the bugs come together, they are unstoppable. Any hints?


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Feel free to make any content for Attack on Toys: Like video gameplay and monetize, meme, screenshots, and yes you can make maps for it ...but sadly the game doesn't support custom map (maybe in the future? :) )

Yes there is alot of issue report from Linux and Mac version, the game were made with windows and using Unity Build to create Linux and Mac version (but it doesn't seem to work very well based on the report,... so i recommend to play Windows version)

3. Yes that is a bug, should be fixed in 3.0

4. Yes, it is intended... if the Army Men Troop get killed by anything it will turn into zombie :) (Clue to survive the waves: Chinook and alot of chopper + medic)


Well, windows is not available. I'll try the windows build with proton or wine when possible. Also, Unity is now in beta (2020.2 something).  Which version are you using?

Just played a little more and noticed another issue: while playing, in map view, clicking in the menu (ESC key) will also drop paratroopers. For example try to set vertical sync. By the way, how can I set vertical sync on by default instead of toggling it all the time?

Thanks a lot for the reply!

The doesn't have save system at all for now, so you need to toggling it all the time :")

Version 2.12 is Unity 2018-ish

and also thank you for the feedbacks too :D


Is there a subreddit for your game? or a platform i can share things in?

You can join Attack on Toys Discord :)


Ada rencana masuk steam kah gan?

'maybe' on Steam :)


Hey everyone!

I had a lot of fun playing the game and its tan army mode was very enjoyable. I had the feel of being in charge of a little army of toys.

I hope you enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for supporting great indie games like this one!



Awesome video! and thank you for playing too :D


Your very welcome! Thank you for making such an awesome game. Had a lot of fun. Wish I had these toys growing up lol .


amazing game absolutely incredible when will 3.0 be out?


2020-ish :)


thank you


you're welcome :)


you guys are my second favourite game devs on itch thank you for fast responce and happy attitude your game is amazing keep up the good work


awesome, thank you :)


Hello there, was wondering if you would be able to add controller support as it's something i would appreciate.

Love the game btw :)


Nice :)

and thank you for the suggestion, noted for future update!

how do you go in the game to play

extract the file, and play AttackOnToys.exe :)


Also are you gona change the unit models ? becouse I really like the ones we have now. Or If you do change them then put a button in the Main menú were you can change it old or new. Ok would like that :))

There is some old model still be in use that has been remastered/refined (like huey, halftrack, etc)

i think it's not possible to add that feature (button in the Main menú were you can change it old or new) because it will mess the whole Game 🤣

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Actualy waht I meant whit "units" was the non vehicle/mechanised units I meant like medics riflemen mortar man etc. Couse I saw the dev  logs and I saw that the troops were diferent. Ok sorry for the confusion 😅😅

no problemo :)


I got one question will you put the game on steam?

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"maybe" :)


Today is my birthday😃😃😃


happy birthday :))


Thank you :))


Will there be a online rooms feature


Probably in the future... but the development right now is more focus toward Singleplayer experience first :)


I'm new to this stuff but what does extract files mean?

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It means basicly extract the game then u click on a file were there says bla bla exe ok then it should enter the game


@Yannickcomander Correct :)

also you need winrar program to do that


Yeah forgot that 🤣🤣🤣

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Wonderful game, thank you! I would like to give some suggestions for "Tan Army Invasion":

  • There's no easy way to tell how many units/structures are, besides using the build command for some units (plastic sweeper, etc);
  • The tents can get crowded pretty easily. I suggest implementing an empty space around it and the structures too;
  • There's no mech nor aerial "tent";
  • Some sort of manual explaining all the units and structures;
  • Plastic sweepers are suicidal, they should wait in safety;
  • After wave 8 the game comes to a craw, about 8 FPS. CPU (18%), GPU (25%) and RAM (60%) usage. Even in very low quality. After wave 13 it's 2 FPS. 64-bit version. Ryzen 7 3700x, RTX 2070 Super, 16gb RAM;
  • Implement a limit to the number of all units/structures, because your army can get huge and unstoppable. Now I'm just watching the AI. manage my army;
  • The waves are endless? It should have a little explanation on the menu about the game modes.

Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions too!

and noted for futureeee update :D


Also wenn do you think the new update would come out? Just curious.


somewhere in 2020 :):)


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Hi love the game. But I would like to have in build mode some sand bags that you could place like the mini mashinegun turret. And the purpose would be that troops get cover behind them and the sandbag would block the shoot and save the troop behind it tahts all good game thoug. Keep it up



also thank you for the suggestion too :)


Tres bon jeux video j'ador


Thank you :) !


When i go into the build menu the  navigation keys sometimes do not work (R, T, 1, 2, 3, etc.)


Ah, you need to aim down to floor first before pressing the keys

Also thank you for the feedback!


Hi - can I just check, are there any plans to have a splitscreen co-op mode, or can you run two versions at once to do this? 

Also, when it comes to controller mapping, is there a ready to go set-up for the likes of the Xbox360 pad?

Awesome game though, keep up the good work!

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Thank you! :)

yes, you can run two game at once and connect them both via multiplayer menu... but i'm not sure if it can receive two input (Keyboard and Controller) in a single PC at the same time

Feel free to test it, hopefully it could work :)


Thanks - maybe something like Universal Split Screen could help, but I don't know enough off the top of my head to be sure. Will let you know if I have any success!


Hi! its a nice game and i enjoy it but sometimes its so laggy and my fps drops. Can you make a way to let it play smoothly? like set some graphics low in settings. And thank u for make this game!

Awesome, i'm happy that you enjoy the game :)

Yes, you can set the graphics to 'low' or 'very low' quality when you start Attack on Toys.exe


to acctualy play the game is rlly confusing and i can get into the game so if you could add a totorial that would be amazeing thanks

Thank you for the feedback :)

also there is a tutorial already in the game, it's called 'Green Army Training Camp' ;)


can you make chrome-OS version

Thank you for the suggestion :)

will see if the game is possible to make/build Chrome-OS in the future

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can I install on Chromebook


where do i set destanation

set destanation?

Deleted 106 days ago

Hello, what is the error message? :(

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It said something like (The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling may fix this problem) I tried deleting the game and reinstalling it, but nothing happened. Not only that I'm also using the windows addition, so I don't know what's happening.

Try to update latest vcredist/visual c++ redistributable to your PC

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hello im playing on linux and its seems very fun but it lags massively i have 4 gigabytes of ram and am using ubuntu 18.0.4 is this problem just my laptop or is it something i did wrong

i am also having another problem it seems to glitch and lock my camera into a locked position

Sorry for this :( ...Some people also report these kind of error on Linux and Mac version too (Seem there is something wrong with Unity Build import)

i would recommend to play the game on Windows version for now

if you are able to do anything that would be great


Just found out about this! LOVED playing Army RTS on gamecube as a youngn! Will try this out soon, but would love to know what kind of roadmap you have planned out for this! (if there is one so far) since this game seems to be just starting but LOTS of potential!


Gonna update the game to Attack on Toys 3.0 soon

in 2020 this year ;)


Absolutely LOVE this. I loved the Army Men games on N64 and PC growing up, this is absolutely amazing. I really didn't expect much, but this is downright an amazing game. Thank you so much for creating this and PLEASE continue to update, I'm already a huge fan.


I'm going to note that I play on a 64-bit laptop with Windows 10 and an i7. Haven't had any game-breaking bugs yet, but a few minor ones I'm sure will be fixed in the coming 3.0 update.


Feel free to report any bugs in the comment, even if it's just a minor bug ;)

And Thanks you :D


Awesome, i'm really happy that you love the game and remind you the good ol Army Men games back in the day!


Why didn't this game land on the steam store?为什么这个游戏没有登陆蒸汽商店?

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Because the Game need to be better, rework, and polished more before landing on Steam Store page.

Hopefully it will come out on Steam Store soon :)


The game seems very cool, but it has some serious performance issues. I tried it on both my laptops:
1. Ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB RAM, Vega 8 graphics (integrated, but ten times better than nvidia 9400), on Manjaro Linux latest 64 bit version

2. Intel I5 (4750), 16 GB RAM, GTX 960m, on Manjaro Linux latest 64 bit version

Even on very low settings, the game was simply not playable.

Try to plug in charger and disable Power Saving mode.

Seems like your laptop spec is better than mine, so it should be working properly. But maybe i'm on PC Desktop and using Windows ver.

also thank you for the feedback, will look into it :)


When I try to launch it freezes up right after configuration. I have Linux on a 2 GB RAM is the issue with my computer? Or with the game?

The loading sometime take a while

and Try to set the graphic setting to very low :)

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I did . It doesn't freeze on the starting screen, It shows the green mouse for the game and whatever computer page is behind it.

Try to enter windowed mode in Linux

But, i'm not really sure how to do it tbh because i never use linux before, hopefully it will work

It doesn't work. Cool game though.

i'm sorry it doesn't work

hopefully it will workout on the future version 3.0 :')


My game lags even on low graphics settings. Any way to fix?

Try to play Toy Box mode first

also make sure your PC specs and software (OS, GPU, ...) are up to date :)

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Some feedback:

  • The unit placement treats all clicks as placing a unit – when I try to change menus or right-click, it places the currently selected object.
  • Some of the cheat codes may work as regular actions if you add a plastic cost.
  • It may be interesting to add slight variation in height, detail, and color to simulate the usage of multiple different sets of plastic army men.
  • The bugs and zombies should use melee attacks, not ranged. Spiders should spawn webs, and both bugs should be able to climb walls. Zombies converting non-undead to undead would make dealing with them much harder. Adding rideable, friendly forms of the bugs would be an interesting addition, especially if you added extra armor for these rideable friendly bugs.
  • In certain levels you use slight variations on real-life brands on objects. I recommend creating new and original branding for those objects. This will make them stand out, while improving originality.
  • An aerial unit needs to carry objects, like the bucket of army men and the magnifying glass, from a friendly hub to the intended location. This makes it harder for teams to attack hubs by making them stoppable, while giving players a warning, and makes these units fit better in the game. It also forces players to think strategically about their usage as well, because these special units currently can attack opponent’s hubs directly.
  • Currently, aerial units do not stray far from the ground.
  • Allowing one builder for non-green teams to match the player’s respawning, would level the playing field. Allowing invincible buildings could be useful for setting up endless games in the sandbox mode.
  • Some levels have nations placed in areas with only one easy entry point. This is can be unfair. Additionally, The base map for sandbox has the player’s hub in a horrible place, because builders do not grasp that they can go over the edge, spawning things on a very small part of the map that is otherwise inescapable.
  • The ability for builder AI to place hubs would be useful for endless games.
  • In certain cases, you ‘locked’ the teams to a certain area in the map. This disadvantages nations ‘locked’ in places with no strategic advantage and prevents nations from recovering by moving to a different area.
  • The AI do not seem to register the location of friendly troopers. A builder caused vehicle units to get stuck in a stream of soldiers going the opposite direction when it placed a wall, blocking half of a path in the map “Home”. I noticed that the AI soon abandoned the path altogether, and that the AI did not recognize a secondary, easier path until I forced them to in the map “Home”.
  • Currently, you cannot switch the nation of your player in Sandbox mode.
  • In several cases, it is possible to place overlapping buildings and buildings that overlap with the ground.
  • Add an option for persistent debris. With this option toggled on, Players and AI must get plastic from the debris, via mining or carrying it whole to a specific place.
  • Injury and semi-broken objects would be interesting.
  • The current naming system confused me at first. Possibly change naming to the format “Rank ActualLastName (Job)”, like Private Doe (Medic), and for vehicles, list the names of each person under the format “Rank ActualLastName” in the vehicle, followed by the name of the vehicle, like Private Doe, Private Angle, and Private Lee (Helicopter). These last names should be random.

That's alot of feedbacks and suggestions in a very detail too!

Thank you alot, will look into it for some future update!

and Thank you once again :D

You are welcome.


is there any plan for a save feature in the future

Yes, in Attack on Toys Update 3.0+ :D


is there any way to make it when you place a army tent tent or any other troop spawn er, that it doesn't make the units auto follow you, because it seems they dont defend the HQ or protect it they just sit in the tent

That problem will be fixed in 3.0 Update ;)

for 2.0 the only way is to manually command troops to fix that problem

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This game is great and has lots of potential, keep up the good work N7T :) can't wait for 3.0

Awesome, Thank you :))

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