Attack on Toys: "Toys in Space" - Future Updates

⚑ UPDATE - 10 October, 2020: This update is cancelled. Instead will focus on 3.0 Update

We are planning to make a new update that are inspired from "Army Men: Toys in Space" somewhere in 2020. With new galaxy, alien, new space map, and new playable character in the future update. Please leave a feedbacks & suggestions to help the game getting better in the mean time :)

⚑ Thanks you, we hope you enjoying the Game and also thanks you alot for all the Community feedbacks & suggestions.

⚑ Feel free to make any content for Attack on Toys and any feedback is highly appreciated :)

★ Stay tune and follow us on or join our Discord for latest update


Attack on Toys 2.12 224 MB
Oct 26, 2019
Attack on Toys 2.12 221 MB
Oct 26, 2019
Attack on Toys 2.12 Mac OS 228 MB
Oct 26, 2019
Attack on Toys 2.12 248 MB
Oct 26, 2019

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nice game and its pretty fun too

thank you! and i'm glad you enjoy the game :)