Attack on Toys Update #1.04 'MULTIPLAYER' + UPDATE

New Features

  • Multiplayer 'LAN'
  • Assault Team
  • Mortar Man
  • New Paratrooper
  • Updated map Tan Army Invasion
  • Updated Jeep
  • Updated some 3D models


  • Jeep price increases
  • Increase game difficulty for Multiplayer

Bug Patch

  • Game heavy optimization & FPS improvement
  • Game file decreased after optimization from 340 MB to 330 MB
  • Re-code all script to Multiplayer version from singleplayer only code
  • Unable to build Tower bug fixed


Updated Jeep

How To Play With Your Friends Online

# Download, Install, and Sign up for Hamachi:
# When you Sign up it will ask personal information, you could press the 'Skip' button

  1. Press start button
  2. Log in to application
  3. 3.A Create a Network/Game Room
  4. 3.B Ask your friends to join your Network/Game Room

# Now the game will think that you, and your friends are in the same Network. Now you could play together with your friends.

# Make sure your Hamachi work properly, make sure there is no "Hamachi Yellow Triangle Sign Error", and make sure "Hamachi Network Adapter" is added to your Network

# If your Hamachi still doesn't work, try to use older version of Hamachi: , or use other similar software like Hamachi

Best Way to experience Attack on Toys Multiplayer

  • Play with 3-4 friends
  • Play the game in fullscreen when playing Multiplayer
  • Play 64-bit Windows version

# it's been 2 months long, because we need to learn how to implement Multiplayer for the first time, and recode almost everything in the game. We hope the Multiplayer worked well :')

Stay tune for next future update :) . We are planning to make one open map not in a room like Tan Army Invasion, and more feature, and more Support Unit like B-24, and Paratrooper in the next update.


Attack on Toys 1.04 332 MB
Sep 23, 2018
Attack on Toys 1.04 330 MB
Sep 23, 2018
Attack on Toys 1.04 355 MB
Sep 23, 2018
Attack on Toys 1.04 Mac OS 337 MB
Sep 23, 2018

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how do i download this version but when i clicked download now it says attack on toys 3.74

wait is this different than the other Attack on Toys?

This is the old version of Attack on Toys :)