Attack on Toys Update #1.05

New Features

  • Toy Box 'Battle Simulator'
  • Backyard Picnic 'Skirmish'
  • Strategy Command
  • Blue Nation & Grey Nation
  • Soldier Rank System
  • Train
  • Flamethrower & Medic
  • All Vehicle & Soldier are now spawnable
  • Bucket o' ArmyMen
  • Firecrackers
  • MagnifyingGlasses
  • The Hook!
  • Plastrification?
  • Updated HUD
  • Plastic Blood Effect
  • HQ is now upgradeable

Backyard Picnic


Blue & Grey Nation

Strategy - Commands


Every soldier has unique surname when reached Sgt. Rank

Magnifying Glasses


Bucket o' ArmyMen

The Hook

Bug Patch, Balancing, & Changelogs

  • Soldier on fire animation #DONE
  • Explosion effect updated #DONE
  • Cheat code is now press Hold Z and press C "Z+C"
  • Starting plastic coins is now 5000
  • Upgraded to new unity engine 2017 to 2018 latest version
  • B-24 Bug price fixed
  • Remodeled plastic soldier
  • Remodeled Parachute
  • Bazooka man damage&radius increased
  • Plastic sweeper more faster
  • Player camera zoom updated
  • 100% Attack chance on every Unit
  • Fixed spawning position Trap
  • New Ghost effect & ability to see other ghost player spawning
  • New bulet rocket effect
  • Item bug double collision fixed
  • Player Zoom more while aiming
  • Bullet now can go through deadbody
  • Explosion to deadbody fixed
  • Player M16 Rate fire & Accuracy increased
  • Vehicle now has recoil fire
  • FOV Aiming Vehicle updated
  • Player Weapon stats & recoil effect updated
  • Bullet hit deadbody physic effect
  • Sound fire optimization
  • Fixed B-24 physic
  • Updated TowerSpawnPoint Colission
  • Camera dynamic resolution
  • Player Driveable enter hud bug fixed
  • Item animation & physic colission updated
  • New Coin plastic model
  • Light Tank Damage increased
  • Medium Tank Damage increased
  • Updated Grenade Player Physic
  • Player Vehicle Camera outo of bounds fixed
  • Player camera up&down rotation is now higher
  • Half truck spawning enemies intensity decreased
  • Fixed Half-Truck spawn soldier position
  • Paratroope physic updated
  • Minitowermachinegun damage & HP increased
  • New 3DCamera Player Colission system
  •  Updated soldier, vehicle names
  • Game optimization
  • And there is still so much things that updated in the game, please check the game to see other changes :)

You might face game performance issue when playing skirmish because too many enemies at once... for now

Skirmish and Battle Simulator for now recommended for singleplayer only

Stay tune for next update ;)


Attack on Toys 1.05 379 MB
Dec 15, 2018
Attack on Toys 1.05 377 MB
Dec 15, 2018
Attack on Toys 1.05 402 MB
Dec 15, 2018
Attack on Toys 1.05 Mac OS 385 MB
Dec 15, 2018

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