Attack on Toys Update #1.06 'Patch'

Bug Patch, Balancing, & Changelogs

  • Player HP increased from 1250 to 1500
  • Fixed animation spawn area in Skrimish
  • Updated map & path
  • Lower Rocketlauncher recoil from 1.5% to 1.15%
  • Plastic value increased from 70 to 100/plastic coin
  • Towerspawnpoint collider targeting bug fixed
  • Fixed driveable vehicle collision
  • Fixed unable to pickup coin while driving
  • Fixed model chair bug in tan army invasion
  • Fixed TV Table collision in tan army invasion
  • PLASTRIFICATION stuck / not moving after revived
  • Fixed Tan Army Invasion CameraMap Height
  • Glitch animation unable to throw grenade / hook after dying
  • Updated skrimish/toybox HUD
  • Fixed enemies unable to die
  • Fixed player HP Sync in multiplayer
  • Fixed camera death stay still in cameramapmode
  • Fixed collision bug on flag strategy input
  • Fixed player hit position targeting
  • Fixed no sound of start driveable vehicle in multiplayer
  • Fixed mortartman animation
  • Ghost bug spawn while entering vehicle in multiplayer
  • Fixed portal spawn missing target after TowerHQ upgraded
  • Fixed enemy training animation death position
  • Fixed chopper collision, animation, and deadbody collision bug
  • Fixed HUD color team
  • Fixed driveable collision stopping
  • Fixed vending double charge buying when in multiplayer
  • Updated lightning scene script
  • Fixed main menu model bug
  • Updated wood light texture
  • Plastic coin now longer to disappear from 30s to 45s

Stay tune for next update, we hope you enjoying the game :)


Attack on Toys 1.06 379 MB
Jan 12, 2019
Attack on Toys 1.06 376 MB
Jan 12, 2019
Attack on Toys 1.06 401 MB
Jan 12, 2019
Attack on Toys 1.06 Mac OS 384 MB
Jan 12, 2019

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