Attack on Toys Update #1.07 'Kitchen Invasion'

New Features

  • Kitchen Invasion
  • UPDATED Tan Army Invasion Map
  • UPDATED Backyard picnic Map
  • New Machine Gun Sound
  • UPDATED Nation Flag
  • Updated CameraCollision system
  • Updated All Map Spawnable area
  • TowerMortar
  • Truck Harvesting Plastic
  • Cockroaches
  • CameraMap Rotate & Zoom "Press middle mouse button & move your mouse" & "Mouse Scroll Up&Down"

Kitchen Invasion


Tower Mortar & Truck Harvesting Plastic

Updated flag texture

Camera Rotation View

"Press middle mouse button & move your mouse" & "Mouse Scroll Up&Down"

Bug Patch, Balancing, & Changelogs

  • SHOTGUN accuracy & Recoil increased
  • Apache rate of fire increased
  • NEXTWAVE Timer incrased from 60s to 90s
  • Fixed plane spawn position bug
  • Fixed Tower unreachable pathfinding
  • Fixed MiniTowerMachinegun Targeting
  • Fixed Halftrack spawn soldier position & collider
  • Driveable Vehicle spawn plastic coin when destroyed
  • Tower spawn plastic coin when destroyed
  • More plastic each for each enemies death
  • Plastic coin fade away for 70-second
  • Optimized pathfinding path
  • CameraMap movement is now faster
  • Disabled HUD support while driving in top shooter mode
  • Fixed Bullet Glitch in MainMenu
  • Fixed Player name bug HUD in multiplayer
  • Mouse rightclick/leftclick to build tower
  • Fixed Helicopter unable to fly upward properly
  • Fixed player animation glitch while entering vehicle and shooting
  • FIXED Bullet rocket team
  • FIXED Hud Timer not Sync in multiplayer
  • FIXED glitch cameramap still exist after player disconnected
  • FIXED Bug Healing plastrification other team
  • FIXED Plastrification HP bar BUG
  • UPDATED soldier plastic model mark
  • UPDATED paratrooper head model
  • UPDATED knife metal material
  • FIXED chair collision
  • INCREASE Lightning quality in ultra setting
  • Updated chair model
  • UPDATED cola can model
  • FIXED train out of track glitch
  • FIXED B-24 sound glitch
  • FIXED tower rocket targeting sight
  • FIXED Knife & path
  • FIXED Radius Turret Bug B-24
  • FIXED Bullet collision glitch
  • UPDATED Bullet Rocket Model
  • UPDATED Support spawn position
  • FIXED Mine explosion glitch
  • UPDATED credits
  • FIXED coffetable glass model
  • UPDATE Portal Bucket Material
  • FIXED Backyard picnic unable to aim upward
  • UPDATED B24 Model Quality

Stay tune for next update, we hope you enjoying the new game map&new features :)


Attack on Toys 1.07 466 MB
Feb 16, 2019
Attack on Toys 1.06 376 MB
Jan 12, 2019
Attack on Toys 1.06 401 MB
Jan 12, 2019
Attack on Toys 1.07 Mac OS 472 MB
Feb 16, 2019

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