Attack on Toys 'Future Updates'

⚑ Attack on Toys mostly updated regularly for 2-3 weeks once, but we will stop doing that for a while to give you guys more significant/worthy update in the future.
We will focusing more on revamp, rework, balancing, and polishing the game.
Making more features like photo mode, pause menu features, and game need alot more of optimization for the next game mode.
Our next game mode plan is to made real time conguest mode in a big open house (Remember Toy Story 2 in PlayStation 1?) where player as plastic Army Men soldier can battle and explore the house while doing conguest mode.
Army Men Builder soldier AI that could build stuff and spawn soldiers.
Zombie Army Men Invasion (Probably in Halloween update if possible).
Other stuff that will be added in the updates

⚑ It will take alot of time for the new big updates, please do give feedback for the game it is highly appreciated. Thanks you so much for the support and all the feedback for the game to this day :)

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