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i have a suggestion and a question. #1 are you/could you make an airport or/and make new upgrade levels on buildings. #2 is version 2.1 the latest version because mine is 2.1 or do i have to reinstall for a later version, Thanks SpaceNut69


Thank you! and noted for the suggestions :)

Yes, you will need to redownload because the game doesn't have automatic update for now

Thank you! :


hi Dev can u make sound weapon new pls :)

Thank you for the suggestion!

Yes the sound will be updated or polished in Attack on Toys 3.0 update :)

how do you exit vehicles?

Press 'E' again :)

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Can u make  mission like armymen pls like armymen rts mission and add heroes like sarge vikki or Riff thick bullseye hoover etc

And add this game into steam pls :)

Thank you for the suggestions. Yes the game will have heroes sooner or later that were inspired by the good ol Army Men game (welp that was the plan at least)

Hopefully it will be available on STEAM too :)


Wow update come ITS more better this game is like ravenfield they make 3d polygons charachter too Pls make update like Gijoe Nerf Micro machine  and this game like rising storm

Thank you for the suggestions and noted! ;)


When are you planning to release 3.0 ver? can't wait for it :)

When it's ready, hopefully somewhat around June or July :)

Thank you, good luck :)

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Thank you too and hopefully everything goes well :)

I actually have a question

Can a Chromebook download and run attack on toys?

i'm not really sure about the Chrome OS will be able to run it

but you could maybe try it, the game is free to download too :)


Hi! can you put a Low Poly configuration for Very Low Computers?
I Would Be Very Appreciated!

Yes, you could change the graphics quality to Very Low right now

Change the graphic quality before the Game Start

it will turn all all 3D Models to Low Poly :)


Thanks N7T! You Helped! =

Welcome :)


Multiplayer on build 2.12 is broken, neither me or my friend can connect to each other.

We use Hamachi and we don't have any problems with other games.

Thank you for the feedback!

We will check it again and getting it fixed on the next update


I just got the game and its really my favorite video game ever i dont even have to think about it  keep up the great work. also i think you should add more modes and maps everything else is great!

Thank you :3 and also for the feedbacks too

More mode / maps soon!


Wow, this looks really cool, it's nice to see the Army Men games finally getting some love after all this time.  I played "Toys in Space" a lot as a kid, and I had a real fun time beating Air Tactics as well.  One thing that might be really cool in a future update would be to find a way to implement an option for real time ray-tracing to make the ingame graphics more closely resemble the cutscenes from the Army Men games.  Additionally, optional higher poly models for the plastic soldiers and vehicles would be a nice touch for people with higher end PCs to more accurately recreate the aesthetic of the original games.  Keep up the good work guys, I can't wait to see what's in store for the future :)

Awesome, i'm so glad you love the game :3

Yes, the game will get huge graphic/visual update in next update '3.0' with Army Men Cutscene in mind as inspiration

Stay tune for future update :)

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i cannot change nation in toy box mode? i press R and nothing happens.

nvm im a big dumb dumb you have to select a unit type than pres R not press R without selecting something.

wew i'm glad it worked out

Also Thank you for the feedback, to improve the UI in the future update :)

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are you guys going to do more with "zombies" i would love some sort of team survival mode maybe have the other factions team up against the undead. or have a situation where they periodically spawn during a 4 man skirmish kinda like bugs in the house level.


that might be interesting mode

noted and thank you again for your feedbacks ;)

def a really fun game! toybox mode is addictive too just wish there was a way to make things you'd place before pressing play respawn like they do in the other modes.


Are you still active on this game? btw amazing game


Thank you :3

Yes, the game still in development!


Thank you for the feedback, we will review some sound that will need to be improved in the future update :)

Hi N7T. Can you make this game compatibile on MacOS 10.15.2 Catalina please? Because i try to start this game and system can not run it.


Hello thank you for the feedback, the MacOS version are made from Unity Engine Game Builder it self... hopefully in the next Unity update it would be compatibile :')

We actually only have Windows OS to be able to test&play the game at the moment :(




Thank you for the feedbacks and suggestions

i think it would be awesome to have some of those map and feature in some future update :)

Update new yay! 3.0


I think that you should add a unit that uses the LMG or HMG (Either one is ok), a unit that can call in airstrikes but is only armed with a pistol, A pilot or driver unit that can use the vehicles that you are not currently using, Maybe a Anti  Air gun that targets air vehicles first and paratroopers, a truck that has rockets on it, A Sniper unit that targets infantry but can't attack Vehicles.

Thank you alot for the suggestions!

Already noted some of it, probably in the future update ;)


played your game an it brought me back to when i was a kid with a somewhat crazy imagination playing with toy soilders and other toys at the time XD, good job also random video lol 


Thank you for playing the game, and i'm really happy watching the gameplay video :)

and also thank you for the feedback while playing the game, especially when playing the skirmish where there is upgrade bug and adjustment that need to be done in the next update XD

Attack on Toys: "Toys in Space" - Future Updates

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Attack on Toys: HALLOWEEN:


hi bro! i really love you game and i have some hints for it be better
1. try to remove the thing that when you shoot the gun it goes up
2. add more cheats, for example: z + b = god mode, z + u = infinite ammo
3. add a water level and even maybe boats to the game, and more rideable veichles
4. more buildings, like normal walls and etc.
5. try to add a options menu if you can
welp this is all i really wanted to you to add, anyways if you could at least add the new cheats i would be happy, thanks for reading this <3

btw i created a new account just to comment this and sorry for my bad english <3

Hello, i'm so happy that you love the game <3

Also thanks you alot for the feedbacks, i'm sure we can add those two cheats before the new Halloween update at 25 October :)

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Will be available at 25 October!

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Hi, thanks for your great game, its really good idea, i love it, but i have a problem, hope you can help me. My units oftenly stuck, when they are built in tents, even if if put tents in place with a big space, and units i buy from building menu just standing on one place and dont move, can you advice me something?

Hello, im really glad you love the game :D , if the unit standing in one place mostly because it doesn't find any enemy in his radius

You can actually command your units just like all RTS game:

1. Press M to enter Map Mode

2. Then press N to enter Command Mode

3. Left click mouse and drag mouse to select unit, and then right click to command unit what to attack and where to go

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But if the unit is standing still on one place and doing running animation... that means the unit AI Pathfinding still calculating path to walk.

We will fix this problem in the next update

Yes, because i also tried to move them through map, thank you very much, good luck with this game, best regards

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โญ Attack on Toys 2.0 - โš‘ NOW AVAILABLE

โš‘ Devlog:

Also can you add my character Baworo to this game?

What Character Baworo is? :)

He is a dragon

I think it would be awesome if the game has some sort of Dragon // Medieval toys... but not yet :')

Perhaps a bathtub level could be a nice map, very good game so far, and perhaps have walls to protect yourself or something similar? 

Yes! All of them will be included and somewhat Bathtub Map in 2.0 Update

That's amazing to hear, will the A.I be updated or given more options to do things such as patrol, or like hunker down in a specific area, as the A.I are quite wonky at some points, but other than that I appreciate all the effort you put into the wonderful game, as it's my top spot because of how fun it is.

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The AI is updated and also a brand new AI Builder... but there won't be any patrol area system yet at the momment :')

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โš‘ Attack on Toys 2.0 will be available at 27 September. 

โš‘ Please download previous version '1.13' if you want to keep the old version of Attack on Toys.

FINALLY!!! So excited!!!

it's finally here :)

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Attack on Toys #UPCOMING UPDATE 2.0

* Update will be available somewhere between 20 September - 27 September.

* Some unit has been change/replaced, if you want to keep the previous version '1.13' please download it now :)

a little tease of what to come? (Besides the picture) Also I'm really happy and you made my sick day better!

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There will be Chinook unit for one example :)

Graphic improvement, heavy optimization, Conquest mode, and others more!

Love ya guys! Can't wait HOLY HELL A CONQUEST MODE

The update is out today ;)

Deleted 311 days ago

awesome... loved the video ;) and also thanks for the feedback about difficulties level of the game too!

Hi yet again and it is me Blue beetle but call me Baworo now

ah, i see :)

Other than that Have a good day :)

so my computer warning says This program may put your PC at risk can you please insure that YOUR game is NOT infected with anything. Also if u lie or if u made this game to infect people you will no longer do it again

If u are telling Truth am sorry for being so Harsh in the beginning Anyway can u please assure that I do not get infected cus I need this PC for very important Schooling programs for myself and if this PC is infected with something that causes Permanent damage to anything I will find u

There is no harmful thing in here... it's only a game and nothing else in it.

So, you don't need to worry about getting infected from playing Attack on Toys :)

Ok. But did u check the game files?

Deleted 1 year ago

I just want to be sure ok. Thank you

like kamus said we should have a survival with zombies


N7T, I want to say, thank you. This game may be small and not finished but I don't care. It was the best game I have played this month. Better than some paid games. Also, it has a sandbox mode which is absolutely great. I have got an idea for unit, of course if you are able to do it. A paratrooper plane. It would drop a squad of, maybe 5 toy soldiers and it would drop them again after they are destroyed. Also important question, are you still considering creation of zombies? And finally, I am happy that it is free. LOVE. THIS. GAME.


i'm really happy that you enjoyed the game and thanks alot for the suggestions :)

yes, the game will eventually has zombies mode... hopefully at October (Halloween)

im so hype 4 the udate cant wait

soooon ;)

can someone tell me how to get the minesweeper?  My son saw it on a video but it doesn't seem to be in his game.  Thanks

you can buy minesweeper unit in the building mode :)

Oh also i have a another idea for this game can you add Ori From Ori And The Blind Forest and make him a playable character please he is my favorite and i would love to see Ori in this game

that would be cool, but i don't think it make sense tbh in the army men or toy universe XD

Oh ok but you  should add it beacause some Ori And The Blind Forest fans want Ori to be in this game too i think

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